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Home Security


Security isn't just for business. What you value most is waiting for you at home. Protect your home, property and family with a variety of products, designed to fit with your family and your lifestyle.

Vigilante Security is aware that your house is a home; we will find just the right products to not only give you protection but enhance your home decor. Alarm control panels have come a long way from the white chunky plastic keypad by the front door. Touch screens, chrome finishing and flush fittings all work together to keep your house looking like a home.

Vigilante Security will meet with you, at your house, to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide a range of products and systems, all with different features.

We will look at your lifestyle and plan accordingly – some families only want alarms turned on when everyone is out of the house, others would sleep easier knowing that certain areas of the house are alarmed while the family is asleep. (These night settings are generally known as 'group bypass', and would arm areas with high value items such as the television, computer, stereo, jewellery and personal collections.)

Vigilante Security will study your home layout too – areas with more high value items will have different considerations than the most frequented areas. We can also advise of products which are 'pet immune'. We can use powerful motion sensors which are able to determine if activation is caused by a person or a pet, and react accordingly.

Do the right thing for your family and call Vigilante Security now – protect your most valuable assets today.
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