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Guard Response


Imagine that your alarm monitoring company has informed you of a disturbance at your business. Now imagine you can't get there quickly yourself. A guard response will help set your mind at rest, as a guard can go and check your premises for you, and take necessary action on your behalf. The reassurance and security you will have knowing that you have invested in a guard response package will help you enjoy your time away from work, knowing that you have taken all necessary precautions in safeguarding your livelihood.

Vigilante Security offers professional guard response. We have a long standing relationship with a highly reputable company, and together we have made available to you a variety of guard response options.

We can offer uniformed guards to perform many duties. Night security and drive bys at your business premises can be arranged. If your business handles large quantities of cash, we can provide an escort while you conduct your banking.

When you have your alarm monitoring package through Vigilante Security, we can arrange for a uniformed guard to attend with you when you have a call out.

This will offer you the protection of having another person with you when investigating the cause of the alarm activation. We can also send the guard when you are not able to be present due to distance or other commitments.

If there has been an activation of your alarm system, and the security of your premises has been compromised, Vigilante Security can provide a static guard for the remainder of the night. This will help to minimise the stress and provides protection for insurance claims, showing you are taking all reasonable precautions to prevent further intrusions.

With Vigilante Security's experience we offer you peace of mind. Contact us today to find out more.
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