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Alarm Systems


Alarm systems are needed everywhere these days – to protect your family, home, property, business and merchandise. As a deterrent the security and peace of mind offered by an alarm system is second to none. When monitored, these alarm systems become even more effective.

Alarm systems can be set up in many different environments, and as such, there is a wide range of equipment to choose from. Using appropriate combination of control panels, motion detectors, and remote controls you can sleep easy at night, knowing that you have done the best to protect all that you have worked hard for.

Vigilante Security offers a personal service when choosing your alarm system. Each system is custom designed to fit with your needs, as determined by a site visit to establish the possible security risks, a face to face meeting and discussion with you.

To find out more about our Alarm Monitoring service please click here.

Vigilante Security only recommends top quality equipment. We purchase all our products from top suppliers in the security industry, who source from high end manufacturers. The brands and products we use are reliable, and have proven excellence in the field of security.

Vigilante Security is a fully licensed company, offering you peace of mind. We will fit the alarm systems in accordance with all current rules and regulations.

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