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CCTV is an integral component of any modern day business. Whatever the size of your business, CCTV can help you. Using CCTV surveillance, you can monitor intrusions and disturbances. If you are unfortunate enough to experience one of these, the images captured on your CCTV can be very beneficial in apprehending and prosecuting the perpetrators.

In addition, CCTV can also keep track of many other, more positive, aspects of your business. Customer satisfaction can be gauged by watching their behaviour as they leave your premises. Video footage of employee performance can also prove invaluable during appraisals.

We at Vigilante Security are experienced in the CCTV market, with around 20 years in the security industry. The collective experience of the colleagues with whom we work goes far beyond this. We remain ahead of the game, always keeping up to date with new technology.

Vigilante Security only recommends the use of CCTV products from top suppliers and manufacturers – NUUO Intelligent Surveillance Solutions, Inner Range, Paradox and EverFocus to name a few. The equipment we recommend offers pictures of high resolution, sharper images and many automatic features such as back light compensation and the ability to adjust automatically when used in conjunction with fluorescent lights.

Vigilante Security has access to some of the top brains in the field of CCTV security, helping you remain secure in the knowledge that you and your interests will be well looked after. We work with a team of professionals who work with equipment which is noted for its reliability, and high performance.

Vigilante Security also offers you the opportunity to have remote access, enabling you to monitor your business, premises, stock and employees from anywhere in the world. It will only take a moment to log in via the internet, and have full, unrestricted access to your CCTV monitoring.
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