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We protect Supermarkets, Restaurants, Warehouses, Factories, Liquor Stores, Petrol stations, Mechanical Centres, Car Yards, Fashion and Jewellery Stores, Cafes, Religious Centres, Pharmacies, Superettes, Parking areas and Homes

Business security


Security in the commercial sector has never been so important. Insurance companies are requiring evidence that businesses are taking all reasonable precautions to protect their property, premises, merchandise and investments.

Vigilante Security is well versed in the security needs of businesses. We shall propose security options pertinent to your situation. Only then, when we fully understand your requirements, will we design a custom set up of security equipment, using the latest and most up to date products and technology.

At Vigilante Security, we pride ourselves on the individual service we offer – we will take the time to discuss with you the different products available so that we can combine security equipment to most appropriately meet your specifications. CCTV cameras can be placed strategically, in accordance with levels of risk outlined by you.


Care will be taken to ensure that the most appropriate product will be installed in each environment – a camera with a zoom lens overseeing the cash register, a camera capable of day and night images installed by the entrance, and weather proof cameras outside are some examples.

The services we offer will be clearly outlined, so that by completion you have the total package that gives you control over the security of your business. Vigilante Security offers alarm monitoring, and guard response services, in addition to CCTV surveillance options. We will endeavour to ensure that you are aware of all options pertinent to your situation when you are looking to protect all that you have worked for. We offer flexible payment options and Finance to approved customers.

Vigilante Security is a trusted business partner to many.
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